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Nicholas Abe and Lacy Ann Long 10-004

     Nicholas Abe is the son of John Adam and Annie Catherine Abe. He was (9)(10)(11)(12)born on November 10, 1819 in (9)Hannover (10)Westphalia), Germany. Family stories say Nicholas worked on construction of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal for a while but these have not been confirmed. He did start farming when his father purchased the farm on the Old Furnace Road. His father (7)(8)deeded half the farm to him when it was originally purchased. August, his brother, also lived and farmed there. (7)His father’s will, gave the other half of the farm to his brother August when he died. (8)August in turn sold it to Nicholas. The farm was then his till his passing.
     (3)Nicholas married Lacy Ann Long about 1842.
     Lacy Ann was born in Virginia on January 12, 1826. Her birth is calculated from death information found on her headstone (73 years, 7 months and 6 days). Lacy Ann was the daughter of Mary Flood. Her father is unknown. Stories passed down say that her father was an American Indian. Her son (15)Philip Abe's death record lists her name as "Sacana Long". (13)Her grave stone has an inscription "God in his Kingdom has recalled the Indian Lass Lacy Ann and tho' the body molders here the soul is safe in heaven". (14)Philip Long married Mary Flood and adopted Lacy Ann and her brother Isaac as his own. Her name was changed from Flood to Long. No birth or death records have been found.
        Lacy Ann’s name is spelled that way on her cemetery headstone and in the (10)1880 Census. The (4)1860 Census spells her first name as “Lacey”. At this point we will consider Lacy as the correct spelling. On the cemetery headstone for Sara Ellen and Virginia, the two youngest children of Nicholas and Lacy Ann, there is a inscription that states that they are the “children of  N and E. A. Abe”. The (5)1870 Census gives their mother’s name as Elizabeth. Her name could very possibly be Elizabeth Ann and Lacy Ann was a nickname she carried to the grave. Nicholas gives no clue to her name in his (8)will. He only refers to her as “his wife”. She does call herself "Lacy Ann Abe" in (68)her own will.

     Nicholas and Lacy Ann had 8 children, Philip, John Adam, Frederick, Mary Catherine, John H., Jacob, Sara Ellen and Virginia. Sara and Virginia died young from eating too many green apples causing uncontrolled diarrhea. Jacob nearly died in the same incident. The six children, Philip through Jacob, are the ones who produced the Abe Family line that sprang up in this area of  Maryland and West Virginia.
     The (3)1850 Census for the 24th District of Hampshire County, VA lists Nicholas and Lacy Ann along with four children, Philip, Adam, Frederick and John.
     The (4)1860 Census for the Western District of Hampshire County, VA is dated November 2, 1860. Here Nicholas and Lacy Ann now are listed with seven children: Philip, John Adam, Frederick, Mary Catherine, John, Jacob and Ellen. Included in the same household are Nicholas' father, mother and younger brother.
      The next ten years would bring about many changes for the family. The (9)1870 census for the Frankfort Township of Mineral County, WV shows Nicholas' family much smaller now. With him and Lacy Ann (listed here as "Elizabeth") are his sons Frederick, John H. and Jacob. A farm hand, John Lury, is also listed. The Civil War is now over and the two oldest children Philip and John Adam never returned home to live. They have started their own families elsewhere. The two youngest children, Sara Ellen and Virginia have died. Mary Catherine has married and moved into her own place. Nicholas' father has died and his mother is now living with the his brother "Gustus" in accordance to the conditions of the elder (7)John Adam's will. We will explore each of these individuals in later postings.

     In the (10)1880 Census a 15 year old Emmer Lichliter was living in the household as a farm hand. Nicholas’ son Jacob, is  the only child of his family still living on the farm so I am sure extra help was a necessity to keep the farm going. Jacob and his wife and children are listed as living in a separate household either on the farm or next door. Frederick and John H. have married and moved away.  
     At some point before his death Nicholas set aside a portion of the Abe Farm for the (13)Abe Cemetery.
     Nicholas died (13)October 3, 1894, at the age of 74, and was buried in the family cemetery. Lacy Ann died on (13)August 15, 1899 at the age of 73 and was buried with her husband.

     Children Of Nicholas Abe and Lacy Ann (Long) Abe are:
           1. Philip Abe (1843-1920)
           2. John Adam Abe (1844-1914)
           3. Frederick Abe (1848-1929)
           4. John Abe (1849- ?) unconfirmed
           5. Mary Catherine Abe (1851-1907)
           6. John H. Abe (abt 1853-1918)
           7. Jacob Abe (1856-1929)
           8. Sara E. Abe (1857-1868)
           9. Virginia Abe (1861-1868)

     Next we will look at Nicholas' last will and testament and his version of the farm deed as it was passed on to his sons Frederick and Jacob.

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