Books and Disks

Printed copies of  "The Abe Family Heritage 1782-2009"  book can be obtained by contacting me at:

Digital copies of the book in PDF format are also now available and less expensive. These can be read on your computer or some e-book readers. With your computer you will be able to search the document for all occurrences of specific words. This will speed finding people and information.

Finding Family Records

With a little searching, many of the source records can be found (at no cost) on the "Family Search Record Search" and "WV Vital Records Search" sites listed in the "Web Links" section. The "" site is a subscription site but it is also very useful.

For individuals already posted, all records I have for them can be found in the "Sources" pages. As I find new records they will be posted as soon as possible. 
If you have problems finding individual records for those family members not yet posted to this site please contact me at my e-mail address found above and I may be able to help you.

- Michael Abe