Sunday, August 29, 2010

John Abe...The Unknown John 10-022

     The (3)1850 Census for Mineral County, West Virginia lists the Nicholas Abe Family. Nicholas and Lacy Ann have four children listed; Adam, Philip, Frederick and John.
     There are enough inaccuracies that makes me have my doubts that the recorded information was collected first hand.
     1. The family's last name is spelled wrong ("Hoppy" instead of Abe).
     2. Nicholas and Lacy Ann's ages are off by one year. This is not usually a concern in itself but when combined with the other discrepancies they can't be dismissed.
     3. The two older children, Adam and Philip are listed wrong. The census lists Adam first and then Philip. In reality Philip is the older son.
     4. The last notable item concerns the son "John". All other census records list a John H. Abe who's birth cannot be completely confirmed. What is confusing is that the "John H." is listed in most census records as born "after" his sister Mary Catherine. Mary Catherine was not born till 1851. We don't know at this time if these two Johns are one and the same or if the "1850 Census John Abe" was another child who died young. Birth, death and burial records for a John Abe born in 1849 or 1850 have not been found.
     We will explore John H. Abe in a later post.

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