Friday, June 18, 2010

Lacy Ann Long Will 10-006

(68)Lacy Ann Long Abe's will is on record at the Mineral County Courthouse, Keyser, WV.
Will Book 1 Pages 469-470

 Following are highlights of the will:

 Item 1
     Pay all debts with monies found in her possession at the time of her death. If debts exceed monies then then they will be paid from the sale of personal property as described in the will.

Item 2
     Philip Abe is given her corner cupboard.

Item 3
     Lacy Ann Abe, granddaughter, is given one feather bed, bedstead and bedding. Also bolster and pillows.

Item 4
     Granddaughter, Mary Ann Abe Baldwin, is given all the baskets on the floor in her bedroom and her copper kettle.

Item 5
      Note: This section is a good example of society's beliefs that the woman could not own property unless it was given to her by her husband. I will write this section out just as it was written in the will so there is no misunderstanding about what is said.

"It is my will, that my Executor, at the time of my decease, shall take possession of all the residue of my property, not herein disposed of, of whatever name or description, including any grain or other farm crops, that may at the time, be on the land, and belong to me under the provisions of the will of my late husband, Nicholas Abe deceased, and after advertising the same, a reasonable length of time, sell the same to the highest bidder, at auction, and out of the net proceeds of sale, I will bequeath to my son Frederick Abe, the sum of one dollar. And to my son Jacob Abe also one dollar."

"And lastly, I hereby will and bequeath all the residue of my estate, or the proceeds thereof, share and share alike - equally - to my son Adam Abe, one share. To my daughter, Mary Catherine Herrick, wife of Adam Herrick, one share. To my son Philip Abe, one share, and to my son John Abe, one share; and share and share alike, as aforesaid."

She goes on to appoint Philip Abe as Executor and makes a declaration that this is her last will and testament signing the will on December 9, 1895.
V.C. Armstot, Robert M. Johnson and John Johnson witnessed the signing.

On August 23, 1899, was presented for probate by witnesses John Johnson and Robert M. Johnson.

Philip Abe signs a statement declining the appointment as Executor.
It is unknown who did accept the Executor position.

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