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Amanda Melvina (Abe) Largent 11-017

     Amanda Melvina Abe was born on October 18, 1872 according to her burial headstone. No actual birth records have been uncovered yet. Her (179)death record lists her age as thirty five which would make her birth year 1871 because she had not reached her birthday.... if the October 18 birth is correct. Her (180)marriage record lists her age as 24 in 1896 which would make her birth year as 1872. The (181)1900 census does list her birth as Oct. 1872.
          She was the fourth child of John Adam and Margaret G. (Fulk) Abe. All (17)(181)census records list her birth in West Virginia. The year before her birth her parents were (69)living in Cumberland, Allegany County, Maryland where her father was working for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Her (180)marriage record lists her birthplace as Berkley County, West Virginia. This would most likely have been been around Martinsburg, West Virginia. Her parents lived there a very short time while John Adam was working for the railroad. Her (179)death record says she was born in Mineral County, West Virginia so it is still uncertain exactly where she was born. When Amanda's mother dies in 1874 the family apparently moved back to Mineral County, West Virginia because in 1876, John Adam (50)remarried to a Martha Jane Moreland according to Allegany County marriage records in Cumberland, Maryland.
          On October 15, 1896 at the age of 24, Amanda (180)married to Charles Edward Largent of Hampshire County, West Virginia. At that time her (70)parents owned and operated a farm in Little Cacapon, Hampshire County, West Virginia. (181)Eight years after her birth, her father is farming along what is now Route 28 between Wiley Ford and Short Gap, West Virginia. The farm appears to be north of the Old Furnace Road, in the area of the what is now the Miltenberger Farm. The farm is two to three miles south of Cumberland, Maryland.
          Charles Edward Largent was born on February 4, 1871 to (182)John Ashby and Sarah E. (Deaver) Largent in Hampshire County, West Virginia.
          After their marriage, Amanda and Charles then moved to the Old Furnace Road in Mineral County, West Virginia. The (181)1900 Census shows the couple renting a house on or near the original Abe farm. Charles is listed as a farm laborer so he was working for someone else.
          (6)The couple did have five children but sadly both parents lived very short lives and they never saw them grow up. Amanda (179)died on September 26, 1907 just eight days after the (183)birth of a son, Clarence Edward Largent on September 18. She was thirty four years of age at that time. The cause of death is listed as Puerperal Fever.

The American Heritage Dictionary describes Puerperal Fever as "a systemic bactorial infection of the endometrium characterized by fever, rapid heartbeat, uterine tenderness and malodorous discharge, chiefly occuring in women after childbirth, usually as the result of unsterile obstetric procedures."

          Amanda was buried in the Abe Cemetery. Her husband, Charles died less than two years later on July 24, 1909 and was buried beside her. He was thirty eight years of age. His (184)cause of death is listed as Tuberculosis.
          The young children were all sent to live with other families. In 1910(185)Nora (the oldest) and Clarence (the newborn) are found living with their paternal grandparents who were still residing in Hampshire County, West Virginia. (186)Harry is living with John W. and Nancy E. Leatherman in Cabin Run, Mineral County, West Virginia. (186)Earl and Nellie Mae were taken in by Benjamin W. and Ida Smith also of Cabin Run.

Children of Amanda Melvina (Abe) and Charles Edward Largent:
     1. Nora Catherine (1897-1990)
     2. Nellie Mae (1899-?)
     3. Harry William (1902-?)
     4. Earl Daniel (1904-1970)
     5. Clarence Edward (1907-1957)

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