Saturday, June 26, 2010

Frederick Abe 10-009

    This Frederick Abe only seems to exist in the family stories passed down through "The Abe Family Heritage" books published since 1982. I have not found one record that mentions him by name. The story is told that he was born in Germany and came to this country in the 1830's with his parents John Adam and Annie Catherine Abe, and his three brothers Nicholas, John and Augustus. The story further states that Frederick at some point went west to Missouri. The (2)1840 Census does not list any children by name but does list two sons that fall into the 1820-1825 birth age group. The other child in this group would be John Abe (see posting 10-008). No other records have been found to substantiate his existence.
    Please see the post "John Adam Abe and Annie Catherine 10-002" for further information. 


  1. I did find Frederick Abe living in saint Louis Missouri in the 1860's after the war he was married in 1868 an had several kids him and his wife died in the 1890's that's what I could find.

  2. Please send me any records you have for Frederick.
    I have been searching Missouri records for quite a while and all that I have run across do not fit this Frederick.
    This Frederick should have a birth date between 1820 and 1825. Most records I have found are for someone born later then that and came into the country at a much later date.
    If you do not have copies of the records...send any information you have that I can use to find the records you are referring to.