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Laura Victoria (Abe) Branson 11-001

 David and Laura Victoria (Abe) Branson

     Laura Victoria Abe was born on (6)October 26, 1880 to Philip and Annie Elizabeth (Largent) Abe. She was their first child. At that time Philip and Annie were living in (23)Cumberland, Maryland on German Lane (now Third Street) according to the 1880 Census.
      About (96)the year 1900, Laura married David Branson (no middle name has been found). The (6)"Abe Family Heritage" gives the date as October 3, 1900 but I don't have a marriage certificate. On (24)(25)June 8, 1900 she is still living with her parents on the Philip Abe Farm in Mineral County.
     The (96)1910 and (47)1920 Census list them living and raising their family in Mineral County, WV. In 1910 David is listed as a painter in a railroad shop. By 1920 he has changed to farming as a living.
     There seems to be some discrepancy about David's age. The above census records listed him as born in either 1875 or 1877. His (97)WWI Draft Registration Card lists his birth as March 4, 1877. The birth year inscribed on his (13)headstone is 1875.
     The (6)"Abe Family Heritage" says that David died on January 9, 1933 and Laura Victoria died on March 22, 1951. No death records have been obtained yet to support this. Only the years are recorded on their headstone. See the Abe Cemetery for a photo.
      Children of David and Laura:
               Roy William (1902-1990)
               Samuel Joseph (1906-1968)
               Ethel Pearl (1906-1990)
               Edith Marie (1909-1977)
               Elmer Philip (1911- 1988)
               Paul Leslie (1913-1996)
               Homer (1917-1918)
               Esther Madeline (1919-1976)

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  1. I have been doing research on my family, "Branson," who came from Patrick County, VA and Surry County, NC. . . as I was reading thru our list of the children of David and Laura Victoria, I was struck that a child was "Paul Leslie Branson." My only and younger brother is "Paul Leslie Branson" and he was born in 1954 in Winston-Salem, NC. . .I don't know if there is any connection, but if I find anything, I will try to funnel it to you. . .