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Grover Cleveland Abe 11-006

  Philip Abe Sons
 Clayton, Herbert, Grover Cleveland
Harmon, Joseph

     The (103)1900 Census says that Grover Cleveland Abe was born in (165)September 22, 1884 and the (6)"Abe Family Heritage" lists the day the 22nd. His (130)WWI and WWII Draft Registration Cards also say he was born on the 22nd and the (133)Social Security Death Index also bear this out. He was the fourth child and the third son of Philip and Annie Elizabeth (Largent) Abe. "Cleve", as family and friends called him, was the last child born to in Cumberland, Allegany County, Maryland at their home on German Lane (now Third Street). By the time he was a year old the family had moved across the Potomac River to Mineral County, West Virginia.
     In (129)1906 "Cleve" married Mary Katherine Everett, daughter of (129)William P. Everett and (142)Bettie L. (Pollack) Everett. According to the (134)Social Security Death Index her birth is listed as November 15, 1888. On (135)January 23, 1908, their first child, George Clarence is (129)born. "Cleve's"  (130)WWI Draft Registration Card, dated September 12, 1918, lists his permanent home address as "General Delivery, Allegany County, Maryland" while operating a farm in Mineral County, West Virginia. The (129)1910 Census shows Grover, Katherine and George living in Mineral County, West Virginia. Katherine's father is also living in the household. It is believed that "Cleve" had, by this time, taken over operations of the Everett Farm that belonged to Katherine's father.
     The (131)1920 Census shows Grover Cleveland operating a farm on the "Cumberland Road" in the Frankfort District of Mineral County, West Virginia. The family includes four sons, Clarence Ralph, Marshall and Earnest and a daughter, Erma.
     The (132)1930 Census shows "Cleve" still operating the farm on the *"Old Furnace Road" in Mineral County, WV and two more daughters, Thelma and Hazel, are now added to the family. "Cleve" and "Katie" now has seven children. His (130)WWII Draft Registration Card now lists his address as Route 1, Ridgeley, Mineral County, WV.
     "Cleve" lived and worked the farm for most of the rest of his life. He died on (6)(165)October 17, 1968 and "Katie" died on (6)March 10, 1976. Both are buried in the Everett Family Cemetery on the farm along what is now Scenic Lane, in Mineral County, West Virginia.
     Children of Grover Cleveland and Mary Katherine (Everett) Abe:
          1. George Clarence (1908-1970)
          2. Ralph Leslie (1910-1997)
          3. Marshall Earl (1912-1997)
          4. Ernest Odell (1915-1996)
          5. Erma Belle (1918-1975)
          6. Thelma Irene (1921-1993)
          7. Hazel Katherine (1923-1993)

* NOTE: If I am not mistaken, I believe that the current Scenic Lane was connected to the current Old Furnace Road in the area of where the Abe Cemetery is located. This could be why the 1930 Census says the farm was on the Old Furnace Road.

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