Thursday, November 4, 2010

Michael T. Abe 10-030

     IMPORTANT NOTE OF CAUTION: This post and the last are published for the current information found and as leads for future research only. The information listed here for this "Michael T. Abe" and the last post of "Frederick Abe" is valid, but the exact connection of these individuals to this Abe Family has not been proven to this point. The reason they are included here is that they may be the sons of John Abe found in post 10-008.

     Michael T. Abe is the youngest son of Mary M. Abe. The (19)1860 Census puts his birth year at about 1946 and he has an older brother, Frederick. Michael and Frederick ARE NOT children of Nicholas and Lacy Ann Abe as many online family trees show.
     Michael's military service was even more short lived them his brother's. (88)On 12/01/1863, just a couple weeks after his brother's death in a Union prison hospital, he enlisted with the Confederate Army at Hamilton's Crossing, VA. This is just south of Fredericksburg, VA. He was a part of the same 11th Virginia Cavalry group as his brother. Apparently military life did not agree with him because on 1/21/1864 he deserted from his unit. (89)On 1/31/1964 he was arrested by Union forces in Cumberland, MD. From there he was sent to Atheneum Prison in Wheeling, WV. It seems he took the oath of allegiance on 2/10/1864 and was released from prison on 3/3/1864.
     No information at this time has been found that tells about the existence of Michael T. Abe after the war. Maybe he changed his name.
     The will of John A. “Adam” Abe states that he had a son John. This son, John, had a son named “Tieber”. It is very possible that this Michael T. Abe is the “Tieber” that John A. Abe mentions in his will.  If Michael T. is this Tieber, then he and Frederick are grandsons of the elder John Adam Abe. Maybe some day we will find a positive connection.

Update: New Michael T. Abe Civil War Records are now ready for viewing. See also post "They Abandoned the 77th Virginia Militia 11-004".

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